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JENNA ASHLEY 88224 weeks ago
Names Jenna. Im short wakt and honest. I dance, I drink, I smoke, I laugh,reminis and secretly think Im funny. I bum around and sit on my fat ass. Im pretty laid back and easy to get along with, unless your a fake or think your better than everyone else.. I dont take shit from anyone, friend or not. Im keen on drama. Best mate is no longer.Played me for a fool and constantly lied to my face.Wakt unity r my buds,who make me high.Love them to death,do us part. I listen to whatever the fuck i like.Hip hops my thang.. Im real nice and swear all the time. I hate meeting new people, it gets awkward az lol.Love bananas.Yellows my favourite colour.
I try to win at life, most times i fail but its allgood.Stil in the game. Im always keen to chill.
I like good times.
I am what i am.
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Cookies.N.Cream said...4/11/09
i love u jenza jst the wae u r
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.SweeT Ladie said...5/5/09
love u 2..hehe
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Kissa Babie said...7/27/09
haha al true
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Lena said...10/11/09
lol i knew u secretly think ur funny :L
this is the best blog eVA
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.SweeT Ladie said...10/14/09
bahaha aww u know me tooo wel..:D
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