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Procter, Arthur to lead Proteas to 2011 World Cup !247 weeks ago
Procter, Arthur to lead Proteas to 2011 World Cup !

CSA on Friday announced the appointment of former Proteas coach Mike Procter as convener of selectors and the extension of Mickey Arthur's contract as national coach.
Both appointments are until the conclusion of the 2011 ICC World Cup to be played on the Asian sub-continent and give the Proteas a very strong and highly respected leadership team.

CSA also announced the appointment of two new selectors in former Proteas vice-captain Craig Matthews and Winky Ximiya. Mustapha Khan, who has been a selector for a number of years, completes the national panel.

Responding to his appointment as convenor of selectors, Proctor said: ?I am delighted to be back in the South African cricket fold. It?s a great privilege and honour to be convenor of selectors. I realise that it is one of the most important jobs in South African cricket and look forward to meeting some of the players who I haven?t met, and it is obviously exciting taking over with a side that has been so successful in test cricket.?

Commenting on the extension of Arthur's contract, CSA CEO Gerald Majola commented: ?The contract of National Coach Mickey Arthur has come up for review. Mickey presented an in in-depth report on the past few seasons as well as a strategic plan to overcome the challenges of the next few seasons leading up to and including the ICC World Cup on the Sub-continent in 2011.

?Mickey presented to a panel comprising Dr Logan Naidoo, Andrew Hudson, SA Cricketers' Association representative Gerald Dros and myself.

?The panel was impressed with his results as coach of the Proteas who recently completed their most successful season since unity as well as his plans for the future.

?Without going into the detail of his plans which could be useful to our opponents, I am very happy to announce that the panel had no hesitation in recommending to CSA that Mickey be re-appointed as national coach until after the next World Cup in 2011. The Board had no hesitation in accepting this recommendation and we congratulate Mickey on a job well done so far.?

Mickey Arthur said: ?It?s a great honour. I thank the Board for showing their faith in me and buying into the plan leading up to the 2011 World Cup and we hope we can deliver as we have in the last couple of seasons.?

Mr Majola also outlined the procedure that had been followed in appointing the new national selection panel as well as that of Procter as convener.

?As members of the media will recall, Joubert Strydom resigned as convener of the National Selection Panel when his term ended at the end of last season. I stood in as acting convener, joining the existing selectors, Mustapha Khan and Shafiek Abrahams.

?A panel was established to interview applicants for the Selection Panel, including that of convener, comprising Dr. Logan Naidoo, Andrew Hudson, Gerald Dros (SACA Representative) and myself.

?We have followed an extensive process that was urged by General Council and the Board of Directors following controversies over selection policies and the so-called Presidential veto.

?CSA was adamant that a proper HR process be implemented, including advertising and head-hunting, to replace the former system under which selectors were nominated by Affiliates.

?It was also recommended in the final report of the Transformation Review Committee that the Presidential veto be replaced by an annual review of CSA to ensure that selection policies were being implemented by the panel. The CEO will monitor this on behalf of CSA between reviews.

?The Transformation Review Committee also recommended that the convener and national selection panel be chosen from candidates who understood and accepted CSA?s selection policies of targeted transformation. ?The Committee also said the panel should include Black African representation.

?With all this in mind, the panel conducted an extensive search to nominate a national selection panel and convener that would meet these requirements through a process of advertising, head-hunting, and in-depth interviews. ?We have much please in announcing that our recommendation was accepted and the following are now appointed until after the next World Cup in 2011:

Mike Procter ? convener of Selectors
Craig Matthews
Mustapha Khan
Winky Ximiya

?It is particularly pleasing that Mike Procter has accepted our invitation to convene the panel as he is uniquely placed to add considerable value to this post.

?Mike was one of the world?s best all-rounders in his playing days and became the first coach of the national team after unity.

?He then served on the national selection panel and moved on to become an ICC Match Referee.

?His knowledge of the conditions under which the Proteas will play their matches around the cricketing world, and his knowledge of the prowess or otherwise of their opponents puts him in a unique position as convener.

Mike also has a full understanding of CSA?s vision and selection policies, and a willingness from both heart and mind to implement them.?

Many Thanks Everyonee !
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