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Update: ARAN Pig Cruelty Investigation in Ireland215 weeks ago
Dear ARAN Members & Supporters,

I am writing to bring you up to date with our recent expose of cruelty to pigs at an Irish pig breeding facility based in Co, Cavan. The investigation came about when an employee at the facility contacted ARAN to report pigs been violently killed with sledgehammers and that other adult pigs where found dying?often for two days in a row, on top of other baby piglets that were discarded in the back of trucks at the facility. Footage inside the facility also documented pigs eating other dead pigs and many grown adult pigs confined to what are currently legal farrowing crates, these are basically cages so small that the adult pig can barely even move whilst she nurses her newly born piglets. All of the pigs that were violently killed were considered ?useless? to slaughterhouses.

Right now, Animal Rights Action Network is happy to confirm that the facility in which we exposed is now under supervision and surveillance and that the Gardai are preparing a file for the Department of Public Prosecutions. Animal Rights Action Network is working on ensuring that this story and the pigs plight gets as much press attention as is possible, we need to shine light on the killing of animals for their flesh and the cruelty and violence that?s associated with killing animals.

ARAN is working hard to ensure that those responsible for killing these animals are fined and jailed. We do genuinely believe that our work has at least highlighted the plight of animals killed for the slaughterhouse and highlighted the need for people to go vegetarian and vegan. Of course it now also makes others in the killing industry think twice about killing animals in such a viscous and cruel manner. We also believe that thanks to the huge press attention we generated for this situation that many more people out there will choose to go vegetarian?we will never know how many hearts and minds we?ve touched.
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