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Can YOU answer 22 questions about YOUR #1294 weeks ago

Can YOU answer 22 questions about YOUR number 1? DON'T change your top friends, and answer 22 questions about the 1st person in your top friends.

1) What's their name?

2) Where did you meet them?

3) What was your age when you first met?

4) Is this person one of ur friends?
hell yeh!!

5) how long have you known them?
just ova a year

6 Is this person older than you?
yeh but onli by a few months

7) When was the last time you saw this person?

8) Do you miss them?
not really

9) Do you love them?
yes with all my heart! lmao!

10) Are you related to this person?

11) Do you have nicknames for each other?
not reeally, caz and dani

12) Is that person bringing sexy back?
hel yea

13) Do you think this person will repost this?

14) Why is this person #1 on your top friends?
coz she is my wife

15) Have you seen this person cry?
dnt think so

16) Do you know this persons last name ?

17) Do you tell them a lot about your life?

18) Will u see them tonight?

20) Would they date yoo?
dnt think so

21) What's something this person is obsessed with?
the guy she likes! and the spanish guy

22) Does this person make you laugh?

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