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Get your ?Just Can?t Get Enough? CD signed!229 weeks ago
Right now, The Saturdays are battling it out with Flo Rida for the Number One spot this Sunday.

The girls really want ?Just Can?t Get Enough? to be their biggest single yet as it is all raising money for Comic Relief.

So if you haven?t got your CD yet, click here to buy it online, alternatively grab it down the shops pronto.

Then all copies we receive in the next four weeks will be personally signed by the girls and returned to your front door. Just make sure you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your inlay card ? with the correct postage!!!

The address is:

Maximum Artist Management
4th Floor
20 Bedford Street
Covent Garden

But don?t forget you can also support the girls and Comic Relief by buying the single at iTunes. Click here and we will transport you through the beauty of the internet to the right spot ? where you?ll find remixes galore and the video as well!
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Hollyoaks Cast Fake Finder Hollyoakm said...3/6/09
dear Una, Mollie, Frankie, Vanessa and Rochelle. I went upto Manchester on Monday, and I went in HMV, and I bought Kelly Clarkson’s new single ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ and 8 copies of your single Just Can't Get Enough. I am 100% it will get to number 1 maybe not this week but the week after comic relief.

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Lynne S said...3/9/09
I sent my copy over only to be told by the post office that Irish stamps don't work in the UK...:( I really hope you can send it back to me if at all possible :)
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Debs said...3/20/09
hey i sent mine today registerd post so i know it will get there but the woman at the post office sed its p not Q on the end can anyone tell me if its correct or not thanks
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- Rawr said...3/21/09
Just to check.
What do we actually need to send in the envelope?
I no we need to send the leaflet thing in it but what else?
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