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Blog from Mollie253 weeks ago
Woweeee where do I start!? We thought we were busy with the promotion for If This Is Love but JEEPERS CREEPERS this is another league!! This week has been crazzzzyyyyyyy!!! Monday was spent filming a new series on ITV2 ? called The Fashion Show, presented by Abi Clancy and George Lamb. We had so much fun doing it but have to admit spent most of the time checking out Abi?s trousers!! You will see what I mean when you watch they show! They.Are.Amazing!! Hehe!

All day Tuesday we filmed for Britannia High ? we were teaching our dance routines ? it will be up on the internet soon!! It was such a fun day! I kept bursting into fits of laughter though and Miss Wiseman wasn?t helping on that front, the two of us just couldn?t stop!

Wednesday was like the best day ever! We filmed the most hilarious show for Nickelodeon and then did some presenting for 4Music!!! You know how much I love playing presenter!! AND, to make it even cooler we were reading from autocue!! HOW cool is that!!! I felt like Davina McCall! Hehe! After this, to top the day, we went to the Jonas Brother?s premiere!! It was soooo cool!!!! It was my first time ever walking down the red carpet!!! I got out the car and I was so nervous because there were so many people there! I was the first to step out the car, and it was the funniest feeling because as soon as I did, people starting cheering ?The Saturdays!!!? I couldn?t believe it! It was the coolest feeling!! The movie Camp Rock was so good too!! I love a good Disney movie, hehe!!! The girls don?t call me Disney for no reason!! It was right up my street, hehe!!

On Friday we went to our sound check for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards! It was amazing when we walked in and saw the stage!! It was massive! I couldn?t believe we were going to be at an award show, but not only that but we were actually going to be PERFORMING at one!!! Of course in true Miss Kodak style I whipped out the camera and started filming everything!!!

Immediately after this we jumped on a plane up to Edinburgh!! I am such a bad flyer so didn?t enjoy it ONE bit, but Una and Frank tried to keep me occupied by chatting to me and we had a good goss, hehe!! We gigged at Edinburgh Uni which was fab - we got a great response!! Thank you so much if you were there!!! I loved it!! After 3 hours sleep we jumped back on the plane and went straight to the Awards!!! SO exciting as I?m sure you can imagine!! Everything about it was how I always dreamt it would be!! It?s on next weekend so try and catch it if you can!!

Well, that just about wraps it up? What an amazing week!! And what a lot of exclamation marks!!!
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