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The Saturdays' Picks - Una254 weeks ago
Every day this week we will be bringing you a different check list from each of the girls.

Today?s comes from Una...

Mobile phone, because I need it for both work and Leisure! Obviously to keep in touch with friends and family. And I have my e-mail for work updates, and have internet for when I need to know anything at anytime!

Night Spot
Crawdaddy in Dublin, its 3 venues in one! Live music, house and chill area....what more can you ask for?!

Paris, because it is so beautiful and romantic

Love, because I love to love and love to be loved!

D&G, they do great dresses, check out the one I wore on GMTV, love it!

Rose, they are red, sexy, and romantic!

Time of year
Summertime! I love the sun! It makes me really happy and everyone and everything is better in the sun.

Best moment so far
Performing in The 02, in front of thousands of people, you can't beat the natural adrenaline that rushes through you, knowing how lucky you are to be up there doing what you love and have all those people watching!

Grafton Street in Dublin, it is just really pretty and has lots of shops and usually has the best buskers in town.

Big Brother
Lisa, she is a cool dude! And what?s more, you wouldn't mess with her! She doesn't take any lip from anyone and she is right!

Let us know your answers in the forum!
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