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The Saturdays' Picks ? Mollie255 weeks ago
Every day this week we will be bringing you a different check list from each of the girls.

Today?s comes from Mollie...

My Flip Cam?obviously!

Night Spot
Waterloo bridge, looking at the lights!

No question here, New York, pleaseeee take me!!!

Loving and being loved in return.

Take me to a fashion show, please please please!!

Lilies, unless they?re coming from a boy in which case it?s GOTTA be roses!!

Time of year
I?m a summer baby!

Saturdays moment so far
Standing behind the curtain with Rochelle about to walk on stage at the O2!! But can I just say, I JUST saw our video on The Box, beating Justin and Madonna in Boxbreakers, hahaha, that has to be right up there too!

Times Square!!!

Big Brother contestant
Think I?ll stick with Davina, haha! Love her!

Let us know your answers in the forum!
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