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Day #1 ? Mollie?s Favourites256 weeks ago
Every day this week we will be bringing you the girls? vs answers where they pick out their preferences.

Starbucks vs Caf� Nero
Starbucks. OF COURSE! I feel like I'm in NYC!!

Singing vs Dancing
Both! At the same time, beat that!

Outer space vs Ocean deep
Outer space if it?s anything like Britney?s ?Oops?I Did It Again? video! Bring on the catsuit and dance routine!

Dogs vs Cats
Oh my God, defo dogs. Cats scare me - they pounce!

Cowboys vs Indians
Cowboys! Like Woody in Toy Story!

Eastenders vs Coronation Street
Corrie all the way. The people are so lovely ? it?s like when visit my nana up north!

Day vs Night
Day! Get up and at ?em!

North vs South
Come on the South!

Quiet vs Loud
Play music loud but as for myself? Quiet (unless I?m with my friends) ? it?s always the quiet ones?.. ;-)

Good vs Bad
Good, everytime!! Hehe!

Black vs White
It?s summer so I?m going for White!

Long vs Short
For boys hair, long!

PC vs Mac
Mac for sure! Come on?Carrie Bradshaw!!!

Blackberry vs iPhone
BB all the way (that?s one of my abbreviations right there for ya)!!

Ant vs Dec
Dude, that?s like making me choose between salted popcorn and profiteroles? it just CAN?T be done!

Fullfat vs Diet Coke
Fullfat, baby!

Britain?s Got Talent vs X Factor
X Factor! Du du du du du du dur (that?s me singing the theme tune!)

Girls vs Boys
Oh COME on, do I even need to answer that!! Do you SEE me in a BOYband!?!?!

Let us know your picks in the forum!
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