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Mollie's Bebo Blog261 weeks ago
Hello to everyone on Bebo!!!! How are you all!? It's so nice to come on here and see so many of you!!!

I have lots of friends and family on Bebo and they all tell me how much fun it
is, so i'm very pleased that we've now got a band account!! Woooo!! I'm so
happy that a lot of you saw us at the Girls Aloud concerts!! We have been
having THE best time ever on tour with those girls!! They have been so nice
to us and such an inspiration!! We're doing another show with them on Friday
in Edinburgh!! I can't wait!! Apparently Edinburgh castle is beautiful!! Are
any of you going!?

Anyway, i just wanted to say thank you for checking out our Bebo!! I hope you are enjoying the promotion we are doing at the moment, we are trying to get our song and faces everywhere, hehe!!! I opened the paper yesterday and there we were!!...I think i told absolutely everyone i know!!!..How uncool! Haha!

Keep posting your comments guys, i love to read them!
Have a good day!!!!
Lots of love
Mollie xxxx
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Laurie Levine said...7/23/08
After listening to your music, I'm a true fan of The Saturdays! I think it's about time a glamorous new girl group entered the music scene and all 5 of you are completely gorgeous =) I wish you all the best of luck girls and hope you have a very successful career in the Industry:)

Loves ;]
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