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A blog from Una262 weeks ago
Hey everyone! It?s been a while!!!! I hope you are all keeping well. The Saturdays have been very busy girls this week! Its all go in the promotions department! I keep thinking that nobody knows who we are but after this week a lot more people will know! We all met up at Polydor on Monday for a full day of interviews for various websites and some were filmed! One for Channel 4 website made us do musical chairs and whoever lost had to answer a sticky question! I was asked to sing the first line of the first song I ever wrote! But I did it anyway! On Tuesday we went to MTV. I felt like a proper pop star going in there! We we're interviewed for MTV news and then we moved on to Chart Show TV where we counted down our top 20 minxs! That was fun with lots of very sexy videos in there! On Wednesday we did a TV commercial for 4 Music who are re-launching in the next couple of weeks. Let's just say there was a pillow fight involved and lots of feathers! I then had a flying visit back to Ireland to the movie premier of my boyfriend?s film called Christian Blake. I wrote a lot of the music for it and I felt very proud to be there and there was a huge turnout. I then got a flight back bright and early this morning to shoot for T-Moblie Transmission! It was so much fun. We had to DJ against Lil Chris at a silent disco in an ice-cream van! Very random I hear you say??! You will have to tune in to Channel 4 in early August to find out the result. We are doing GMTV tomorrow morning I am so excited! We all are! That is all from me for now. I hope to talk to you again soon take care xxx
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Chantelle C said...7/17/08
you have been very busy then, i think you r a gr8 band and i love ur new song. i hope gmtv goes well 4 u

take care xx
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RoByn said...7/17/08
awww una that blog is soo cute :)
and u have been busy bee's havent you
cant wait to see gm:tv :) excited for youuu hehe!! cant wait to see you infact its 17days :)

love yaaa
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Stephanie Ryan said...7/18/08
Has to be said Una, we always knew you were destined for big things and this is only the very tip of the iceberg still! Delighted everything is going so well. Rachael has set the sky plus to record loose women next week... we couldnt figure out what channel gm:tv was on in time tho! Rachael is sending you an invite for the wedding after party but its on the 22nd aug which is the same weekend as the Beamish festival. I'm sure you have barely a minute to yourself these days, but you're doing what you were put on the planet to do which is the main thing. Enjoy every minute of it and we'll be backing you 100% every step of the way!... Oh yeah.... UP TIPP!!!!
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