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The Sats LIVE at Koko Pop - Winner's Announced!144 weeks ago
The Sats are getting set to perform LIVE at Koko in Camden this Sunday (24th October) for an upcoming episode of Channel 4's 'Koko Pop'.

If you entered our Twitter comp, offering you the chance to win tickets, then listen up because we can now announce who the winners are!

They are...

@EllisHorler (Ellis Horler)
@Courtneyy_S (Courtney Stevens)
@DanLovesTheSats (Daniel Tsiang)
@Mikeysears10 (Michael Nando Sears)
@Lildancer69 (Hayley Taylor)
@AnnieMariexx (Annie Marie Hogben)
@LaurieTeamSats (Laurie Stickley)
@LucyPetTaylor (Lucy Taylor)
@misssaturday101 (Ellie Thurgood)
@Plentino (Dan Plenty)

Congrats guys! Check your DM for details!
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