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Promote Ego: WINNER ANNOUNCED! 179 weeks ago
Last month we set all you lovely Sats fans the task of promoting the girl's latest single, Ego.

Well done to everyone who entered. It's fair to say that you left no stone unturned in your bid to gain the girls their glory! Consequently, Ego reached an impressive Number 9 in the charts, and that's partly down to you!

But we had to choose one overall Congratulations EMMA FISHER!!!

Emma pulled out all the stops... as well as blasting out the Ego message via twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and various forums, Emma also emailed all her contacts on hotmail and added news of the track to her private website.

What's more, she also took the drastic measure of creating her very own Ego flyers, taking to the street IN THE SNOW to deliver them to the unsuspecting public!

Now that's dedication!

Emma - a copy of Ego, signed with love by the all the girls, is on its way to you! Please PM admin on the forum with your address details.
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