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The Impulse Diaries Show: Your Reactions189 weeks ago
On Monday night, the girls teamed up with Impulse to put on an exclusive, intimate concert just for their fans, at the HMV Forum in London, and loads of you were there!

We've collected some of our favourite comments from your posts on the forum below. But if you didn't manage to make it along, don't worry, as T4 will be broadcasting the concert at the times below...

12:30pm 2nd January

10am 16th January

Sarahwinterman The impulse gig was amazing, it was good to see all the girls back on stage again. Managed to get on the front row at the left where I got waves and smiles from them all and also a wink from Frankie. Thought the Ego performance was brilliant, loved their dance routine for that song.

Luce0606 Watched the show from the balcony... even got a shout out in the show as I was waving the Team Sats tee shirt! Had a great night, treated like royalty. LOVE YOU GIRLS.

saturdaysbestfan Best gig ever! Looked AMAZING sounded AMAZING dance and Wordshaker was incredible and speaking to them was lovely, so glad Una recognised me! love them!

detective duckie Oh my god, last night was amazing. The girls looked absolutely stunning and performed their socks off. Still buzzing now after having slept, it was that amazing. Really cannot wait for them to announce a tour for next year now.

What did you think of the show? Why not tell us in the comments below, or in the forum...
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Jones Baby X said...12/9/09
Thankyou so much for such an amazing night !
i completly loved the whole night!
best bit had to be when i met you girls in the VIP section!
thankyoou:) xxx
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Jones Baby X said...1/2/10
its not on :'(
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