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Rochelle just can't get enough of...192 weeks ago
Rochelle has just dropped us an email letting us know all the things she can't get enough of at the well as, of course what she's not so bothered about!

Take a look...

Gigs: This week I have been to see both Rihanna and Beyonc� in concert and they were absolutely amazing!!! Jay-Z made an appearance it was like all my Christmas' came at once :)

Big Black bags: Gina lent me an amazing bag for the Rihanna launch!!! Too bad I had to give it back :(

Patterned tights: As Winter has definitely arrived, it's all about tights and why wear plain tights when you can have crazy ones?!

Wordshakers: People that you have never met, writing poop about you....not mentioning any names ;)

Stripey highlights: Its not the 90's haha, its supposed to look natural and sunkissed not like a bumble bee LOL

Delayed flights: What's the point in getting up super early if you going to have to have around? :(
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