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Introducing...Benuna!195 weeks ago
Come join Benuna as they welcome you into their home and watch as they perform 'Forever is Over' as a DUET!

Yup, the guys took the flip home with them and have recorded a very special clip of them reworking the girls' recent single and turning into a duet.

Una has the guitar out and Ben joins in...while reading a magazine? thought is was only girls that could multi task! Turns out BAD's can do it too!

Here's what Una had to say, 'I was practicing the acoustic version of 'Forever is Over' at home one evening and as we all know Ben loves to sing so naturally he joined in and it turned out a to be a duet! So for fun we decided to film it and put the link up on my Twitter - - to YouTube. It got a really positive response so in case you missed it here it is again:

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