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Mollie's Diary Entry: Performing at the Girl Guides196 weeks ago
Oh my goodness I cannot believe we performed at wembley arena. It really was like a dream come true. I remember going to watch Britney performing there when I was 12 and just thinking that this was my ultimate goal. I remember I just watched her with my jaw to the ground in disbelief at how huge the arena was and how magical it felt! (Yes that is the Disney side of me coming out, haha!)

When we arrived at wembley on Saturday morning I just couldn't wait to go and see all the seats. When we were called to sound check I actually thought I'd misheard Paul (our choeographer) when he told us
we would be coming out of the floor!! You're kidding was my first reaction!!

We went underneath the stage and got ready to be lift up to the stage level - I couldn't believe it was actually 2 men pulling cables that lifted you up , I thought it would all be done by machines!! When it came to the actual show I was so nervous about balancing that I suddenly turned into Mollie Motormouth. The poor men under the stage about to lift me up must have thought gosh this girl doesn't pipe down, haha!

When we shot up to the stage and the pyros went off it was the best feeling ever. I could see screaming girls for miles, all wearing bunny ears and waving lights!

Thanks so much to everyone that came, it was such a special day, I felt really emotional. It really was one of the best performances of my life!
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