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YES, it's the final video challenge...245 weeks ago
The penultimate video challenge of The Gap Year 2008 is over. Last week we asked our travellers to show us their best Gap Year Cheer, and you voted in your hundreds to make the winner...


Go here to see all of the entries:

For this week's challenge - the FINAL challenge - we had to make it a good one. We were inspired by the new Jim Carrey film 'Yes Man', which is in cinemas across the UK from Boxing Day. In the film, Jim Carrey plays a character called Carl Allen, a guy whose life is going no-where - the operative word being ?no' - until he signs up for a self-help programme based on one simple principle: say ?yes? to everything...and anything.

With that in mind, we set our travellers 10 tasks. For each one they would have to find a stranger who would say 'YES' to joining them in completing that task. The 10 tasks are:

1. Will you arm wrestle with me?
2. Will you break-dance with me?
3. Will you give me a piggy back?
4. Will you climb a tree with me?
5. Will you give me a kiss?
6. Will you sing your national anthem with me?
7. Will you swap clothes with me?
8. Will you eat a lemon with me?
9. Will you shave your eyebrow off with me?
10. Can we share in a giant group hug?

The twist in this challenge is this; Gap Year HQ will award Popularity Points for successful completion of these tasks, and these points will be added directly to the travellers' Popularity Leaderboard totals. They'll get one point for every 'YES!' task completed, three bonus points for the traveller who finds the largest group hug and finally, for any traveller who completes ALL TEN TASKS to HQ's satisfaction, an additional FIVE bonus points wil be awarded. That means someone could potentially grab 18 Popularity Points!

You may have noticed we've taken the points off the Leaderboard. You'll have to wait and see how this challenge affects final positions...

To watch all of the 'Yes Man' challenge videos and to vote for your favourite, go here:

Check out the official 'Yes Man' website at

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