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Miley On Nick Jonas 'We're Very Close Now, But Definitely In A Different Way.'210 weeks ago
Miley revealed to BOP how her feelings for special love Nick Jonas have changed: 'We're very close now, but definitely in a different way. At the beginning we had a lot of trouble being friends.

It's easy to be a guy's friend but once you've been together, it kind of messes things up. I know it's not he end. He's honestly one of my best friends, and I still talk to him so much.

Miley is so comfortable around Nick that she even recorded the emotional and personal duet 'Before The Storm' with him. Nick admitted that Miley helped him rewrite the original song to make it more about of their personal Niley story.

Whether Nick & Miley will become boyfriend and girlfriend again or just remain BFFs, Miley said, 'I'm finally happy again and I think that's reflected in my music and work!'
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Presty said...7/13/09
wow ! Dat is a very awnest bloq thnx foa sharinq id . :D
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