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Nick Jonas On Girls: 'I Am Not Really Big On Public Displays Of Affection..'210 weeks ago
Joe and Nick Jonas' dished about their feelings for woman to Popstar! What do they dislike about girls? Nick, 'Them throwing themselves on you. I'm not really big on public displays of affection.'

Joe, '� think holding hands is okay but probably kissing in front of your mom and kind of like, I don't know, like, you would you? It's kind of weird, right? It makes you feel like weird, 'Uhhh, I don' know about that.''

The one woman they will always love is Mommy Denise [And Kevin will always love his soon-to-be wife Danielle]. Nick revealed Denise's middle name is Marie. Joe added, 'I want to name one our daughters Marie, one day.' By oceanUP
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