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KayCee Stroh Interview ? JustJared.com Exclusive251 weeks ago
KayCee Stroh, best known for playing pop n? lock Martha in the High School Musical franchise, met up with Just Jared yesterday for a sit-down interview at her NYC hotel. She is currently in town to promote the new HSM2 Deluxe Dance Edition DVD. The 24-year-old actress talks about her dreams of releasing her own music album, what it?s like to be head cheerleader and her first thoughts on Zac, Vanessa, Ashley and the rest of the HSM gang. Let?s get to it, come on everyone!

JJ: Do you read blogs? Are you on the Internet a lot?

KS: Well, I am familiar with yours but I?m really not. I try to stay away from blogs just because sometimes they can be so negative. Those are the kinds of things that will just ruin your craft or just give you so much fear in this business. I just don?t like to be online that much.

JJ: How do you keep in touch with your friends?

KS: Facebook and texting. I?m getting better with Facebook. It took me a long time because I finally got into Myspace and then they switched over to Facebook. I?m like, ?Ah, geez, guys!? I?m not very techie.

(Continue reading KayCee?s interview inside?)

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