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"Miss November"

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When you lose someone you love243 weeks ago
When someone you love dies, a part of yourself dies too.
For as much as the one you loved did not belong to you, your heart belonged to them. You were part of each other.

There is a physical hurt within you. It is as real as the emptiness that surrounds you. You will wonder how you will walk in a world that no longer holds the footprints of your loved one. You will wonder how the world can go on when your world has stopped. You will speak silently in the language of tears, as your heart seeks to understand what it cannot.

Spiritual thoughts, religious beliefs, and philosophy will not take away the hurt. But the power of love will comfort you. Love will be found in the hearts of those who surround you and care about you. People who have been in the place of sadness where you are now, will be there for you.

The sun will continue to rise and the moon and stars will still light the heavens. You will begin the scared daily ritual of "remembering". Your grief will become your travelling companion...the part of you that is compassionate, and strong, and deep.

In your suffereing you will be given the greatest challenge you will ever have...to be able to accept what life gives, and what life takes away. Peace will come to your days as you begin to live again accepting the mysteries that are a part of life. With time...the veil of sorrow will lift, and you will see what is most precious and most sacred is the love we share with the ones we love.

Peace will come to your heart and you will know this love is an eternal gift. This love...lives forever.

>By. Susan Squellali Florence<
 posted by Hpnotiq Poison 


Hpnotiq Poison said...11/25/08
I miss you so much *Vanessa*:(
I'm still trying to get threw >this< without you [tear]
I've been lost in my own insanity since you left...
I wish you were here...
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Hpnotiq Poison said...1/13/09

Whose to blame for the life that tragedies claim
no matter what you say it won't take away the pain,
that I feel inside I'm tired of all the lies
don't nobody know why it's the blind leadin the blind.
Guess that's the way that the story goes,
will it ever make sense somebody's gotta know,
there's gotta be more to life than this,
there's got to be more to everything I thought exists...

>POD-Youth of the nation<

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Man Bear said...1/13/09
Hmm! I hope that Ur writing helps u ,I do writing 2 share how I feel ,most of my stuff that I have written is on my White Board in my Bebo , U shared ur words with us ,so let me share my words wit U :D Thank u
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Tash said...1/13/09
Aww Nina i wish i can give u ma sholder 2 lean on....jeez still 2 thiz day itz hard 2 belive shez gone... 1 of theze dayz tha truth iz ganna come outt n when it doez i alwayz think whatz ganna happen next... well Nina im sorry i cant be there az much az be4 n @ timez i feel bad cuz i rilly miss u Joss Age Lisa n all tha otherz :( wish thinz didnt have 2 happen tha way it did but ya what can we do bout it?? Nothin!!! Nina i will alwayzz luv u n ur whole family we alwayzz ganna be cuzionz no matter what take care luvz ya xoxo
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