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Ping said...2/1/09
my b'day :)

ice cream :P

on the stage at skl (n)

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Lauren B said...3/22/09
wlkin home frm skwl alwayz funni lol :L

lurve yhoo loadz♥♥
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Emma said...3/27/09
Well were do i start ..

1. black cat well funny
2. wen josh all ways went in moods and me and you took the piss
3 dossin round cona's
4. gettin lost <--- scary
5. runnin round fukin every were wiv jordan cona n josh try 2 find u beth loz and soph .. i fink u were the lol
6 wen i all most fell in canal
7 bastards that cummed on my umbarella
8. sitin in my house wen it was pissin down wiv rain ( my dad beenin stupid )
9goin 2 black ct but goin on farmers field get poppys hhaa
10. black cat again . me needin a wee hhaa and getting stung my nettuls
11. black cat wen it was goin dark omg we shit ourselfs . horses .. sophie says she can see ghosts !
12. weejee board <-- not doin it again !
13.. wen i swear i could see dead ppl
14. when i all most go ran over =D hhaa funny times
15 conas house . strip snaks and laddarz
16. conas gell . beth did my hair well spikkie :P
17 shoutin random shit 2 people cumin past :P
we got loads more but thm are the funny 1s xx
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JodiieBabeexo said...3/27/09
aha just readin them memories make me laugh o my days i car wait 4 our summa days 2 cum back they were just 2 fukin funny omdz man u 4 gt 1
* R.I.P conners baniser [ oops e dazy ] aha omdz em theres one more 2 join us this suma i think he might run at the sight of us all though lukey bbz
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