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Images248 weeks ago
-------------The Basics------------

iMake Piks And Layouts And Skins And All That Shit But Seein As Ur Readin This I Guess Ur Intrested In A Picture/Skin

-------------3 Rules------------

1.) Im Not A Sad Bastard Who Has All The Time In The World And Doesnt Leave
My Computer

2.) I Can Do Ur Picure/Layout In A Day, You Just Have To Be Luck That Im Not Busy, I Actually Have Time To Waste Or For Some Reason I Think Your Skin/Layout Is Important

3.)Im Not A Prick, So Dont Talk To Me LikeI Actually Owe You A Skin As I Will Not Bother To Do Your Skin


A More Detailed Picture/Skin It Will Take Longer Than A Normal Skin, Or Whatver You Require

As It Will Be Done How You Ask, So Try Not To Ask For A Skin And Say Something Like

"Wag1 syko .... i beg u do me a skin, bu u think of it tho"

As I Will Probably Not Get Round To It As That Is So Plain And Could Be Anything ��

So If Anything Say What Colour Scheme, What You Want It To Say And WhatNot

It Will Make Life Easier

Personalised Skins Are 2 Luv Regardless Of How You Want It

All Ideas Are Welcome And I Will Put Something To Show That Yo Have Helped With The Creation Of This Skin In Some Way, Or I Will Make You A Free Skin

-------------Mixtape Covers------------

This Section Is Really For Musicians And That, Mixtape Covers Are 1 Luv An Can Practically Be Done In Minutes If Im Not Busy Doing Something, So Dont Pester >:(

Because iWill Just Do It Shit After You Gave Me Luv

I Have Made A Few People's Mixtape Covers, And Ths Is Just From Memory
Syko - Beats & Flowz Vol.1
Syko - Time For The Murkage
Tazzy - Too Hard To Flow
Tazzy - Hard 2 Flow
C.Dot - Cant Stop Me

And Many More

Im Not An Idiot Or A Prick, So iMake The Front & Back Covers To A CD Size (So That If It Will Be Distributed On CD It Will Fit On A Case/Sleeve)

I Will Do It Once You Tell Me Your Artist Name, Mixtape Name And All The Names Of The Tracks, So The Front And Back Will Be Done

Mixtape Covers Are 1 Luv

-------------Picture Edits------------

Ok Picture Editing Is Really Wide So Here Is Where You Have To Be Specific On What You Actually Want As You Have To Supply Me With A Picture, And Tell Me What You Want Done, As Thorough As Possible

When Editing Pictures I Range From Quite A Few Things, So It Would Be
Best To Decide From Here :D

Game Cases With Your Pictures i.e. GTA Games, But With Your Pictures
Instead Of The Default Ones

iPod Parodies, i.e. My iSyko Picture And So On

Adding Effects, i.e. Making It Look Like You Have Had The Picture Drawn By
A Proper Artist/ Looking As If It Is A Stained Glass Window, And The List
Goes On, So Ask For More

Joke / Serious Film Posters

Flyers For Promoting

And More, Just Ask If What You Want Is Not Here


If What You Want Is Not Here Then Holla At Man Init And I Will Probably Be Able To Do It


If You Do Not Like How I Make Images, Then I Don?t Really Care, You Tell Me Like I?m Actually Interested, But I Have 4 Words For You, Shut Up And Die

But Keep Bless Yh

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