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Wot Memories Do You And Me Have??283 weeks ago
Leave one memory of you and me together as a comment. It doesn"t matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Next, repost this on your own blog and see how many people leave a memory about you...
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Natalie Murray said...2/23/08
I have too many to say. I'll list sum ; Runing away with a one man tent lol, Getin gased in biology, doggin school, winding the window cleaners up, bottles ae cider at green bridge, playin with polly pockets, singing kareko to walk on water n hunners mare coz you've been ma best pal for 13 years! Ur just a radge wae a badge!lolxxxxxxxxxxx
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Adele Lang said...2/24/08
ma memories bout lou lou-when we wer in ibiza we woke up in these guys appartments didnae have clue where we wer lol. 2 bloto fawin er every cunt tryin tae get oot

gettin gassed at wkends when she could drink lol bk in the auld days up the brucy (last year)lol.

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Jody McArthur said...2/24/08
-on holiday wen we were gassed n tryin 2 run away fae ma maw haha:L

-wen a wis doin a nighter wae kris n u were daen 1 wae gary n buy the end of the nite u were wae kris n a wis wae gary,micheal said is this wife swap:L

-aw the times we went 2 the hillpark partys how class were they at the time ae!!!

-at lees empty ages ago n me n u tried 2 tie arron 2 the computer chair:L

-when me n u had a snowball fight wae shangalang n his pals n we were in our pj's n wellys kickin bout the streets like 2 raj's.

-wen we were out jst our 2 sels up bburn n we chucked a snowball at tht guys car coz he wis snidy 2 us then we ran away lol makin snow angels on the grass at the big paki's park,we were totally soakin the time we got hame.

-wen we were up at evelyns babysittin n u were wasted n freakin out wae the strobe light n a didnae ken n a wis tryin 2 get u 2 dance wae me in the strobe light.
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Hayley Heathcote said...5/26/09
I Can Remember When We Were Wee And You Lived In Throsk Climbing Out Your Bedroom Window Coz You Told Me To Go Get The ChestNuts Lol Your Maw Caught Us Nd Went Mental Hen Nd I Can Member Wen U Opened Up Tomato Soup The Wrong Way Nd The Soup Went Everywhere lol good memories
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