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SHIROCK email228 weeks ago
Hello everyone!
The inaugural 'Everything Burns Tour' has wrapped up, and was a great success, thanks to the involvement of many passionate and hardworking people! The simple idea behind 'Everything Burns', the organization, is "Living For Things That Matter," and one of the main goals of the tour was to spread this message in an effort to encourage and equip people to live beyond the mundane and get involved in making a difference in their communities.

The 'Everything Burns Tour' stopped in 13 major cities throughout the eastern half of the US, with 16 bands giving their time and talents to reach fans with this message. In each city Everything Burns partnered with a different local charity that is working to solve the issues of homelessness and poverty in their area. Throughout the tour, people were educated about whats going on in each city, what the charities are doing to address the issues, and how they can be part of the change. It was an amazing time, and both the band and the charities were so encouraged at the amazing response!

The 'Everything Burns' official website will launch within a couple of months, opening opportunities for people to connect online to charities in their areas and around the world. Check out for photos and videos of the tour.

As for future plans - we are excited about heading to SXSW next week. It will be our third year, and is always a fun trip. We'll be updating our myspace with new tour dates often so keep checking back!

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon! Call us at 323.622.8589 - and let us know what you think of the new songs from Everything Burns!

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