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TYLER (MY LIIL MAN)259 weeks ago
tyler jus because mummy iiz beiin a biitch atm doznt mean iim gunna giiv up on u ok son ii promiise ii wiil se u soon iim takiin mummy 2 court so ii can se u all da tym and we can do all the thiingz dat father and son do 2gether lyk football,fishiing ect we can do wat eva u wana do m8 ii promiise u son no mata how long iit takz iim nt gunna giiv up fytiin until iim wiid my liil man agen tyler ii want u 2 no dat no mata wat hapanz or wat mumy or nany or any1 say ii wiil alwayz love u son ii mean dat ur eveythiing 2 me and ii couldnt be more hapyer dan wat ii al ready am iim guna be da dad ii alwayz told my self ii would ii promiise no1 seemz 2 no how much iit hetz not seiin u iit kiilz me m8 iiv got 4 dvdz ov u and ii watch dem atleast 2tymz a day ii miis u so much ii miis seiin u gro up ii miis ur smiile ii miis iit wen ii se u and u cum runiin ova shoutiin dady dady and giiv me a biig cudle,ii cnt stop thiinkii bout u ty ii need 2 se u iim so temped 2 rng mumy and jus ask 2 se u but she wil call da poliice on me ii dnt no y shez doiin diis 2 me m8 coz she noz da only reason ii get angry iiz wen she letz other men nere u coz iim scared ty iim scared they wil tak u from me u can understand dat cnt u m8.
ii promiise u liil man ii wont giiv up fytiin until ii get 2 se u al da tym and ii dnt care how long iit takez because ii love u m8 ii really do.
love u and miis u so much m8 ii promiise ii wont giiv up da fyt 2 se u ok liil man love u so much se u soon liil man xxxx love daddy xxx
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STromah said...8/8/08
tyler m8 no mata wat hapanz and no mata wat mumy sayz to u 2 try and tern u agaiinst me dnt beleave iit liil man plz dady lovez u so much and no mata how long iit takz u wil be were u should be (wiid dady) ii promiise son ii wil se u soon iim nt guna giiv up on u eva ii mean dat ii miis u son cnt w8 2 se ur smiile agen iit alwayz makez me hapy.
iim so glad ur my liil man ty nothiing wil eva change da way ii fil bout u and ty u wil alwayz cum fiirst ii love u so much miisiin u lyk mad m8 se u soon ii promiise love u so much love dady xx
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Lukah Hanmore said...8/19/08
Awwwww Aaron Babes!x
Yourr sooooooooooo sweett (L)
i noe how much yue miss him nd that, dont worry babes it will be sorted soon,
hope your all good Tyler your sooo cute blesss,
Love you aaron xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Lil Miss Biitch said...8/22/08
bbe it sounds relly gd bbe
ur a well gd dad i cant belive ur ex cant c dat
u do relly miss him dont yah
well i hope u can c him soon
ly bbe xxx
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PrincessRomer said...9/17/08
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Cat said...9/18/08
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Kara said...10/8/08
awww bbeee your sooo cute

i knw ow much yoo miss him and trust me one daii yoo will get him!!!!!

yoo make an amasing dad nw and yoo will even more wen yoo have him full tym i knw yooo love him soooooo much n one dai yoo wnt have tooo fyt 4 him ell b urs....and yourlll see hes lil smile every dai wen yoo wake up..... but for now bbe yoo just gota keep fyting for him n neva give up no matta wat hes mum or anyone says your have him one dai trust me!!!

well keep up da fyting and neva give up wich i knw yoo wont!!!

lov ya xxxx:)
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Leah said...10/18/08
right here we go.....
ive known u for how long now and wen i first saw u well u no exactly what im gonna say... u r an amazing dad and tyler is extremely lucky to ave a dad like you..there are people out there tht have kids and couldnt give a shit coz after awhile they give up..but not u aron i knw you have the strenght to fyt and you will and can do it for your little boy, no matter what anyone else says coz at the end of the day hes yours and yours only...lil people like tyler are not stupid he will soon realise that u r are his dad trust me on tht one...coz even if ty has other people round and his mum is tellin him thts ur dad...deep deep deep down in tylers heart he knows just coz hes 2 years old tht dnt mean shit one day aron is gonna be the day u have been waiting will all come true yhh life is shit but you got tyler and hes got you........NO MATTER WHAT HISMOTHER SAYS U WILL GET HIM AND THT WILL BE THE DAY.......

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Kara said...10/18/08
welll wat can i sayy itsh my turn gen welll i dnt giivee a fuk wat anyone says arron coz i knw yooo and i knw that yoo love your little boi with all your heart and that you will never give up the fyt for him... dont worrie about his mum and what his mum says coz we all knw different and we knw the truff........ and that is that you love your little boi and one day yoo will b seeing him every dai and see his little smile from the min he wakes up and says daddi i love you till the second yoo put him to bed and he says nite nite daddiie i love you!!! he will be with yoo all the time onedai and yoo will be looking after him all the time and yoo can teach him how to fite.. how to get the ladiiess.. how to play football.. how to do alll the things that a dad teaches hes little boy to do..... welll one day yoo will have custody of your lil boi and yoo can love him even more than yoo do now if thats possiable!!!!!

well arron for get what eveyone esle saying and carry on the fytin xxxlyxx
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