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OLD SITH LORD'S INFO279 weeks ago

Over many centuries the Sith Empire grew to a vast, rich realm spanning star systems.
The ancient Sith Empire was led by many Sith Lords, with one having the title Darklord of the Sith and ruling over the rest. The Sith Lords built huge temples and architectural wonders. At their peak many thousands of years ago, this era was known as the Golden Age of the Sith.
The Sith originally were not all entirely consumed by the dark side. Indeed the sith orignally merely had a way of life that revolved around using the force - both with light and dark powers.
For a long time the Sith had no contact with the Old Republic and its Jedi, other than the Dark Jedi that had come. Then Explorers from the Old Republic chanced upon them. After indecision and infighting over what to do about the Old Republic, the Sith decided to invade with a multipronged attack. Despite having the element of surprise and doing much damage, the larger Old Republic and its Jedi Knights prevailed and left the Sith Empire Devastated. For over a hundred years Naga Sadow ruled as Darklord over the remaining outpost of the Sith Empire.
Many Hundreds of years later, the Sith would attempt to resurect the Golden Age. Exar Kun, originally a jedi knight, had fallen under the sway of the dark side and became a powerful Sith Lord using the ancient Sith ways and powers. He allied with other Sith forces and began to take over planets. However, despite many Jedi masters being slain, the Sith was once again defeated.
Two hundred years later, the Sith had another ressurgance in the form of a dissatisfied jedi knight. He gained followers to his order, but the order dissolved rapidly due to infighting. Those that survived the initial bloodbath were dispatched by the Jedi Knights. The Sith who survived this adopted cunning, stealth, subterfuge and patience - old jedi virtues that the others had disregarded. Darth Bane was the Sith Lord who developed the new doctrinal reorganization. He was determined that there would be no repetition of the mistakes of the old cult, their common enemy was the jedi, not each other. Henceforth he decreed that there would only be 2 Sith Lords at one time, a master and his apprentice. The order would be preserved in this direct linear succession.
The Sith remained in hiding for a long time, continuing their tradition, biding their time for revenge. Eventually Palpatine became a Sith Lord and fulfilled vengence....
Naga Sadow - Dark Lord of the Sith
Naga Sadow ruled approximately one thousand years before the time of Exar Kun.. He was a member of the elite preisthood of pur Sith blood. After the prior Dark Lord passed Sadow challanged his rival, Ludo Kressh, for the title of the next Dark Lord. Sadow wished to expand Sith territory and attack the Republic and its jedi. Kressh wanted the Sith Empire to keep to itself. The duel was fueled by the arrival of Gav and Jori Daragon, unlucky explorers that had hyperspaced into the Sith Empre. Kressh wanted them executed and the Republic left alone, whereas Naga Sadow wanted to use them to strike the Republic. Naga Sadow, secretly stole strange Republic weaponary from the Republic ship. He staged a raid and freed the Gav and Jori, killing an important Sith Lord in the process. Sadow took them to his fortress. The Sith Lords assumed that it had been a republic raid. In the midst of this turmoil, they turned to Naga Sadow for leadership and named him darklord of the Sith. Enraged, Ludo Kressh, discovered Sadow's treachery. He mounted a rebellion against the Dark Lord, vowing to fight to save the Sith Empire from Sadow's plans. Whilst attacking Sadow's decoy fortress, Kressh walked straight into Sadow's trap. Kressh's forces were crushed and Sadow gathered the Sith Lords for the pending Republic invasion. Gav was force trained and put in command of one Sith fleet. Sadow watched the invasion from his meditation sphere, using Sith powers to make his force seem larger than it was. When Gav turned on the Darklord, his concentration wained and the illusion was broken. The Sith Fleets were defeated and Sadow was chased down by the Republic fleet. By causing Primus Golouud star to explode he tried to mask his retreat to the Sith Empire. Ludo Kressh had taken control of the Sith Empire and was awaiting Sadow's return. Kressh's forces nonetheless were still no match and they were emliminated Sadow's depleted fleet. Just as Kressh's ship was destroyed, along with Kressh, Republic forces entered the area. Sadow escaped across the galaxy, engaging Republic gunships in a major battle at the Denarii Nova. eventually, he and his followers ended up on Yavin Four, with his followers devolving into the primitive Massassi Warriors over the centuries.
Exar Kun.- Darklord of the Sith
As a Jedi he was apprenticed to Master Vodo-Siok Bass, who admitted that Kun was the most formidable student he had ever had. He was seduced by the dark side and drawn to the planet Korriban, where the spirit of Freedon Nadd enticed him to let the powers of the Sith enter him. On Yavin four he discovered ancient Sith temples, guarded by the Massassi, whom eventually he conquered. He confronted Master Odan-Urr in the library of Ossus , and after killing him, took the Sith Holocron in order to further his powers. Four thousand years before the time of Darth Vader, Kun started the Sith War, which was one of the most destructive conflicts in the entire history of the Republic. With the help of Ulic Qel-Droma, the Krath illusionist Aleema, and the warlord Mandalore, they built up an army to match the Republic's. Whilst Ulic and Mandalore waged war against the Republic's outposts, shipyards and eventually Coruscant itself, Kun was busy seducing other Jedi trainees to the Dark Side to do his bidding. With his new Sith students, he waged a covert war against who he called 'the aging and outdated jedi masters', sending them to kill their old masters. During the attack on Coruscant, Ulic Qel-Droma was captured and later tried for treason. During this trial, Ulic was rescued by Kun and Mandalore. They barged into the courtroom filled with thousands of Jedi with had been imobilized by Kun's Sith spell. During the rescue, Exar Kun killed his old master, Vodo-Siok Bass, in a rematch of a prior duel in which his master won. Exar Kun. Naga Sadows's ship, containing an ancient Sith superweapon, was unearthed from the Yavin temples, and hurled against the Republic fleet. The weapon caused a sun to go supernova, destroying the great Jedi Library on Ossus. The war ended with all the Jedi banding together and laying waste to much of Yavin Four, but not before Exar Kun absorbed the life energies of the entire Massassi race to insert his spirit in a Sith Temple. Four thousand years later Exar Kun would make a bid for power again when Luke Skywalker established a jedi training academy on Yavin Four. He enticed several students, but eventually his spirit was destroyed by Luke and his associates.
Darth Bane - Lord of the Sith
Two thousand years before the fall of the republic, a group of Jedi broke to form their own Sith order. Believing that true power lay in the dark side, they launched a bloody campaign against the jedi. Their order was based on selfish ambition, and as a result they could not share power and they began to fight amongst themselves, undermining their efforts against the jedi. The order was desroyed. The Sith who survived, changed the order, and was known as Darth Bane. Darth Bane was determined that there would be no repetition of the old mistakes. He made sure that the common enemy was the jedi, not themselves. From then on there was but a Master and his apprentice, this being preserved in linear succession.
Darth Sidious/ Emperor Palpatine - Lord of the Sith
A native of the planet Naboo, Palpatine worked his way up in politics to become that sector's senator in the Galactic senate. In secret Palpatine learnt the ways of the Sith. As a Sith Lord Palpatine began to create his dark empire, scheming and creating problems. As senator he feigned to solve those problems whilst gaining political support. As Darth Sidious he orchestrated the invasion of Naboo, as senator he worked to stop it. He was then elected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, replacing Chancellor Valorum. His apprentice Darth Maul was killed by jedi on Naboo, and later Darth Sidious took Darth Vader as his apprentice. Palpatine came to complete power as emperor with the help of those in the lower regions of the senate who began to crave more power and authority. Darth Vader and Darth Sidious ruled together, hunting the jedi in what was known as the great jedi purge. Above the moon of Endor, Darth Sidious was slain by Darth Vader, who had been turned back to the light side by his son Luke Skywalker.
Darth Maul - Lord of the Sith
A Zabrak from the planet Iridonia, his birth name being Khameir Sarin. He was discovered at age 12 by Darth Sidious and became his apprentice. Training in the ways of the Sith he took the title Darth Maul, vowing revenge on the jedi. Darth Maul was a fearsome Sith apprentice, fully embracing the dark side. Maul closly followed traditions and protocols. He trained himself to become an expert in the difficult usage of a double-bladed lightsaber. Only through his complete dedication to the way of the Sith was Maul able to bring the dark side of the force to his aid in mastering such a dangerous combat skill. Darth Maul killed Qui-Gon, but was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi. in the same battle.
Darth Vader - Dark Lord of the Sith
Darth Vader was born to Shmi Skywalker. As a child named Anakin, he was forced to endure slavery on Tatooine. Anakin was later apprenticed to Obi-Wan Kenobi, and was taught the ways of the light side of the force, before being seduced by the dark side. In a vicious duel with his master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin fell into a molten pit and came out badly burnt. Henceforth he needed to wear a protective body armour and a breathing mask in order to survive. Darth Vader, embraced with anger, tapped into vast amounts of dark side energy through ancient Sith teachings and became Darklord of the Sith. As Palpatine's henchman, Vader was charged with first hunting down the jedi, then destroying the rebellion that had arose to challange the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker finally turned Vader back to the light side, and Vader killed his master, Palpatine to save his son. However Vader died shortly after this event, a victim of the Emperor's wraith and Luke's attacks.
Many including the good and orderly Jedi, who have a long code full of strict protocols, think the Dark Jedi unbound by code or rule, free to do as they want...doing whatever it takes to fulfill their dark desires for themselves or for their Masters. This is to some extent true.
The Dark Jedi derive their power from Fear, Anger, and Hate, tapping into the dark pool of pure Sith mystics. These are what power the Dark Jedi. Yet, the Dark Jedi, indeed do have a code of their own:

There is no peace, there is anger.
There is no fear, there is power.
There is no death, there is immortality.
There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side.
I am the Heart of Darkness.
I know no fear,
But rather I instill it in my enemies.
I am the destoyer of worlds.
I know the power of the Dark Side.
I am the fire of hate.
All the Universe bows before me.
I pledge myself to the Darkness.
For I have found true life,
In the death of the light.

The Dark Side
For centuries those that follow the teachings of the Sith , Karth, or Jedi that deviate from the "safe" path of the so called Lightside have been call ed the follwers of the Dark Side. We have been protrayed as mindless power hungry killers. To this I only cloes my eyes and shake my head in pitty for those smaller minded peoples who have the audascity to call themselves Jedi Masters. They are not even Masters of their own thoughts and feelings let alone the Force. For eons each race and empire have dictated what is good and evil. These things are relavent to the being inquestion. The Force simply is. These so-called Jedi Masters have fought against the very thing they sought to master the Force. The Sith, Krath, and "dark"Jedi are like the early Hyperspace Explorers. Seen as reckless and with out discipline by those afraid of what they will discover. These early Hyperspace Explorers are not undisciplined fools they were couragous men and
women who while sought the excitement of being the ones to find knew and in most cases better Hyperspace routes through out the galaxy. I view the Sith, Krath, and those Dark Jedi as such people. We are embarking on virgin ground down a path that is by no means swifter than that of the beaten Path of the Lightside. Who are the Legecies of the Force. Yoda? I think not the universe forgot Yoda long before he even died. No the Univserse remembers Exar Kan, Qlic, Vader( for all his fall form grace), and Palpatine. Will Obi Wan or Luke Skywalker be remembered? I think possibly the Skywalker as the son of Vader and the Jedi Academies founder. But the univserse has already forgotten Obi Wan. However the galaxy will have the influence of the Emperor unpon it forever. Not because he was Emperor, no it will be the unparalled achievements in the Force, Rage, Doppelganger, Force Storms, Force Lightning, need I go on.
The so called Darkside is the explorer of the Force while the Lightside is the stagnet self degenerates of the Force. My motto is "There is no knowledge
that is not power" and those who stiffle knowledge and label it forbidden are the true evils in the universe. For they not the Sith, Krath, or the Dark Jedi are
propetuators of ignorance and the contagtion of the Universe. We are the liberators of free will and choice. It is we the Sith, Krath, and Dark Jedi that move the galaxy. We are the inheiritors of its legecies. And long after the Obsidian Temple and I are gone the Universe will remember us both.

BY Queen Organca Sith Of Lochrori.

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