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I luv diz..........304 weeks ago
You go to the senior ball with your cousin

A nice resturaunt is an "All you can eat" place

A sleeve is a form of tissue for your nose

You have to do dishes 3 times a day

Boil up is your preferred healthy food choice

Breakfast is the boil up from the night before

You organise a get together at 2'oclock and everyone arrives at 5'oclck

You can sprint barefoot on sharp rocks

You vist cuzzies, and someones wearing the clothes you left behind last time you were there. Your undies are on the clothesline but you know you havent been wearing them.

You and your cousins sit around and dis everyone who walks past

You give the longest shout outs on the radio

You have 6 people in the back of a two door sports car

In a photo, someone's pulling some kind of gang related hand signal

You know all the words to ten guitars

You see someone wearing your shoes that went missing at the marae

You go to school to eat the other kids lunch

You go to school to watch the teacher teach the other kids

Bullrush is your favourite sport

You think your tribe is the best in the world

Your dad cuts your hair gets hoha and finishes the rest the next day after school

All your marbles are ball bearings and you try to pass them off as steelies

Hello and goodbye are both said by raising your eyebrows

Your jandals/ gumboots are: your running shoes, your workboots, your flippers and your going out shoes...

You run to do bombs at the public pools where the sign says no running and no bombing

Brushing your hair..... is just putting on a beanie

You start driving, smoking and drinking when you are in form 1

You cant speak maori but are fluent when you are drunk

You laugh at everyone who cant sing

You laugh at everyone who cant dance

You laugh at everyone who cant do both at the same time

Your at a party with the guitar and everyone only knows half the words to the songs you sing

You realise they're singing the other half of the songs that you didnt know

You go to a party and at least a couple of your relatives are sleeping on the table

You go to the party 3 days later and its still going

You go diving with one flipper a broken snorkel and no goggles

Playing the spoons is right up there as a percussion for the guitar

The whanau hangi rocks, sacks and baskets are handed down to you

Rotten food is a delicacy

You use your whakapapa and the tino rangatiratanga stance to get in to public events

And finally you'll definately know your maori if you've read this to the bitter end because maori's dont like to miss out on anything and like to squeeze their arse right in haha
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