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my alphabet-describe me with each letter285 weeks ago
 posted by Grace 


Ian Oliphant said...2/4/08
A - Amazin
B - e a utiful
C - Clever
D - D tease
E -
F - Fun
G - Grace
H - Happy
I - inteligent
J - jelly
K - Kind
L -loveble
M - Malibu
N - Nigger
O - Original
P - Persinality
Q - quality
R - reliable
S - Sexy
T - Talkative
U - Understanding
V - Valintin
W - Witty
X - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Y - Yummy
Z - ZZZZZ i gt tired



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Jay Marie said...2/5/08

..E..even thou i opnli met u 1ce [[lol i dunno]]
..S..sunderland supporter
..V..very nice
i dunno some of them but r well
there u go hunni

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Paul Barnes said...2/6/08

..A..Alcoholic!!! damn right!
..C..clever cunt
..W..wanker haha literally
..X.. factor!! lol
..Y.. young
..Z.. zoro
Lata smelly!!
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Kay.S said...2/7/08
..A..Alcoholic likess
..E. Excellent
..G..Grown up
..M..Mature haha
..O..Optimistic (dina what tht means?)
..P..Parties Hard
..W..What the hell am i ment to put!?? lol

How hard? But ayee, done it :) Love ya xXx
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Jonathan Dryden said...2/21/08
A - alcoholic
B - bum
C - cum
D - dumb (ner man)
E - elastic
F - funny
G - GRACEful
H - homofobe
I - inteligent
J - jolly
K - kasual
L - lovely
M - magestic
N - nappy
O - oral
P - penny chew
Q - quack
R - reliable
S - supercalifragicisealidosious
T - tit o biggies
U - u tube
V - virgin
W - wers wally
X - xxxxxxxxxx
Y - yacht
Z - zebra

the ones tht dont make sense i cudnt think wat to put lol x
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Grace said...2/25/08
i think you totally missed the point like jonny. lmao
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Justine Smith said...3/5/08
..Evil lol
..Indie haha
..Kabbaged hah
..Loud wen druk lol
..Nebby ner man
..Oblivius /.
..Randy haha
..Veggie hehe
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