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Some knowledge about the society we live in286 weeks ago
I wanted to let you all in on a little secret?I?m here to distract you?yup yup that?s right?me and all my fellow brothers and sisters in the wonderful world of entertainment are merely distractions to keep you from focusing on what?s really goin on in the world around you?Spooky ain?t it?Now, this is no grand conspiracy to trap your mind and transform you into mindless uniforms in the machine?Or is it? Some distraction is necessary and even therapeutic??HEY look a flying saucer!!!? and as you look up, I pull the splinter out of your finger or something?or other methods to draw attention away from the pain so the problem can be fixed?sorry kinda rambling?anyway, the point is, music, movies and TV are mediums of distraction used to kinda numb the pain, which in cases where the message within the distraction is one of an informative and positive uplifting nature it can be very good thing.

The danger lies where the message in the distraction is one of destruction and cannonfodder. These distractions are the ones that flood media today and really nothing meaningful is extracted from these?and believe you me that the distribution of this kind of information is done very deliberatly by the powers that be?the goal of this society is not to uplift and meaningfully inform, because that is not its nature?The nature of this society is to gain capital and maintain an unfair balance of power that resides in the hands of the producers?Consumers are meant to do just that: consume?To inform the consumer in a meaningful manner means to empower him and give him aspirations to become a producer?The producers know that this is a threat to to their position of power. If consumers all of a sudden start wanting to become producers themselves and become aware of the tools to do so, it upsets the balance and starts making things fair and harder to gain capital because people would just consume the goods they produce themselves?which goes against the nature of the society?So to maintain society, the consumers are kept dumb?and not just on a level of intelligence, because truthfully the consumers are either on the same level or even smarter than the producers?the consumers are kept dumb on all levels from the knowledge of opportunity to how to grow food to the operation of a sewing machine?

Ask yourself, did you create any of the items in the room you are sitting in right now??Secondly, do you know where they came from??The raw materials used to make them??Their origins??The process that renders the raw materials into usuable materials??Can you produce any of the food in your refridgerator??If u can?t (and trust me, I can?t either) I think you pretty much know where you stand?and I don?t think 98% of the magazines or newspapers or CDs or movies or television programs are going to teach us how?I mean, who owns the companies that distribute these things????I bet you know the correct operation of a semi-automatic firearm and the winner of the last NRL championship and how Paris Hilton looks naked and that how much a Lamborghini costs and?Hey, me too!

Point is, we have to change our society unless we want to live in a negative world. Remember the rest of the world that is starving for our greed. Remember we can end starvation just from the money spent in Christmas presents alone. First step though, gain some knowledge. Pick up a book instead of wasting time on MSN and Bebo writing the same comments and conversations over and over. Then you can start to think about how you want to change. Anyway I better stop preaching and start reading myself. I'm telling you people Bebo is bad :P

shout outs to Lupe for the wisdom.
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