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Alexia292 weeks ago
~Alexia Ashford's Bio~

When I discovered the T-Veronica virus, I tested it on my useless father, Alexander Ashford. To my surprise his cells split immedately causing him to transform into a monster. My brother, Alfred, and I had to tie him down because of it. I then decided that I would inject myself with the virus, but this time, I would put myself to sleep in a ultra-low temperture so my cells could adjust to the virus. Upon awaking from my fifteen year sleep, I became aware that my dear twin, Alfred, was attacked and murdered.
~Alexia Ashford

Alexia Ashford is indeed a very unique woman. At a very young age she graduated college and began her career with Umbrella Inc. She, as well as her brother, Alfred, is very gifted. Soon after she started her career, she decided to study the T-virus that a man named Trevor Spencer discovered. She realized that this virus could be very powerful if manipulated the right way. So, Alexia became interested in ants, the way they live and work. She noticed that if the queen ant dies the anthill, as a whole will perish, even though worker and drone ants are expendable. She came to admire this about their ecosystem, and wanted to create a world like the anthill with her as queen, and every living soul would live to serve her.
Alexia found a rare virus within the ants. She decided then that she would experiment by combining the T-virus to the virus she discovered in the ants. She found that this new virus is much more powerful than just the T-virus alone, and she would use this virus to create her kingdom. She named the virus that she discovered after her ancestor, Veronica Ashford.
She decided to try out her new toy on her useless father, Alexander Ashford. But, the experiment failed miserably. Alexander's cells split too soon, and didn't have the chance of becoming immune to the virus, so he transformed into a monster immediately. With the help of her twin, Alexia managed to tie him up. It was then that Alexia came up with a theory: If she injected the T-Veronica virus into herself, she would have to put herself to sleep at an ultra-low temperature for a number of years so that her cells would become immune to the virus and she could control her transformations. So, Alexia tried out her theory, with her life in her twin brother's hands, she would sleep for fifteen years.
When Alexia awoke from her slumber, she came aware that her island and her Antarctic Base were attacked. The first thing she saw when stepping out of her deep sleep, was her dear twin, Alfred, dying. She soon after found out that a young girl, Claire Redfield looking for her brother, and another escapee from her island had attacked and killed Alfred. And, not only that, but a man named Albert Wesker was there to steal her new found virus, which now only remains inside of Alexia's body. She vowed revenge on them all...
Alexia found the Redfield siblings first, and warned them she'd be after them soon. She took the other escapee, Steve Burnside, and conducted the same experiment on him, as she did her father. Claire tried to save Steve, but to no avail.
When Alexia and Wesker finally met up, Wesker demanded that Alexia go with him to his new organization so he could get the T-Veronica virus. With laughter and confidence in her voice, Alexia calmly replied to his request, "You are not worthy of its power." And with that, Alexia transformed into a monster. With little effort she backhanded Wesker and sent him flying through the air. Wesker quickly retreated.
Chris and Claire Redfield somehow managed to start the self-destruct on the Base. Alexia quickly made her way to them and transformed yet again into a huge bio-weapon. Only Alexia was defeated by Chris by means of the Linear Launcher.
And so, the only question now is, is Alexia really dead? Or is she just planning her revenge on the Redfields and Albert Wesker's new organization?
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