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Lorna :)153 weeks ago
Lorna here! :)

Hey Lorna anseo :) Well i guess since yhoo deleted the paragraph on my page ill do the same to yours :D Its the 9th of April :P and its 1:09 in the morning :P Id lyk to let yhoo know that your a fat, annoying, funny, childish spacer but thats why i love you :) Cause your all mine and i wudnt change you for the world :) 26-07-09 ;) The day we finally got with eachother :L I made ya wait a year and a half lyk :P but i know it was worth it :) The last 8 months have been unreal lyk :D Ya we fight lyk but what couple doesnt? :P in the end it just makes us even stronger again :) Well I actually dunno what to say now fatty :L but no matter how much we fight or argue, just remember that i loves yhoo and dont forget it :) Cause yhoo mean everything to me Chris and I wudnt change what we have for the world :) I love you :)

Heya babes :)

Its 26th of da 5th 2kaii10 and its exactly 23:25 :D
10 months already babes
And dey've only been unreal
I just want ya to know how much yhoo mean to me babes :) yhoo rock my world lyk
So I mooooo you babes :P
And your my fatty chris :D
Loadsa love,
From the Chink ;)

?---?_Lorna loves you _?---''

Lorna here :L :L :L on da 1-10-09
Masons a Fatty but shur what can ya do :P
Loves ya tho :)

26-7-09 ;) .. Loves yha babe ;)
 posted by Chris Mason 

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