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The Riff Raff performance on AIRS THIS THURSDAY AT 2 PM !!!!229 weeks ago

Hey peeps, as we mentioned in the Blog below we have been busy bees, we recorded a song for a programme online here on Bebo called b-box that will be online as of this thursday at 2pm. Weve had loads of messages from people saying theyve seen it and loved the little interview that we mentioned in the blog below. Whats the new fascination on BEBO with private messages cant we communicate publicly amigos?? :) lets get back to some group convo's.

Check out the other episodes featuring N Dubz and The Saturdays and many many more special guests, all the other installments of B-Box are online now at

hahhahahaha check out episode number 8 online now where they have cut together Sofias Diary footage, and featuring some street artists and graffiti that is well worth the watch. The host Alice is still pretty cute but Hilda, Betty and Mercedes steal the show very very funny you will see what we mean, plus who knew Alices singing voice was so good, Sometimes i go out by myself and look across the water...... :) we suggest a duet on a future episode lol

We actually love B-box , check out our performance on their show this thursday at 2pm people, it would be an 'epic failure' for you to miss this.....

the riff raff


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