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gig this friday 28th November at Water Rats and also at same venue january 9th with I.S.K244 weeks ago

Hey peeps, first up we have a gig next week at a great venue called Water Rats in Kings Cross, London - were headlining on stage at 11.45 ( late i know) but its a really good night and by that time it will absolutely jumping with people so hopefully it should be fun. ( its all being filmed)

We have been filming a lot throughout the summer and we will be uploading all the new episodes in the build up to the programme fully launching at the start of next year. ( I'll do a separate blog about the programme details)
Basically we have had the busiest few months imaginable, weve been in studio recording new songs, (loads of them) and getting ready for the launch of everything in 2009. Next year is going to be so exciting for us and we will be appearing at festivals across the summer as well as travelling with the album.

Oh yeah and also weve just been lucky enough to be taken on by Joe Strummers new music foundation- Strummerville. They have been helping with rehearsals and providing advice, mentoring and support. Weve got a photo shoot next week, tomorrow night ( sunday 23rd november ) were filming in Old Street in London at our mates studio the legendary- Jimmy Napes.

(Check out for more info its a real honour and privilige. I am a huge Clash fan- who isnt? and to be around joes songs and lyrics on the walls and photos everywhere is inspirational. The strummerville compound underneath the A40 is so visually crazy you have to see it with your own eyes and ill show you the footage over the next few weeks. Its like scrapheap challenge meets a music stage meets that scene in the James Bond film and DVD for goldeneye when Piers Brosnan is meeting robby coltrane amongst the post lenin fallen statues with big sculpted hands and hammers and sickles dotted everywhere- its a hard bit in the game !! ) anyway im going on a tangent, basically its really interesting to look at and next time you drive along the A40 into london and you reach white city think about all the lives and things going on underneath the road :)

We have been rehearsing in the Joe Strummer room in the Roundhouse theatre camden- you will be able to see footage of us in the room and all the artwork around the Strummerville compound and yard in Ladbroke Grove. Its directly underneath the A40 as you drive into central London on the A40 you literally drive right over our heads !! I wrote a song about it you will be able to hear it very soon i promise its called ''My Blood Is Brave''

So much else to tell you but ill leave it that for now-

come to the gig next friday 28th at water rats kings cross if your in london, it will be busy and sweaty and loud i promise

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