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Wowww. It MAkes Me Wanna Cryy.216 weeks ago
it's not about proving you're right
it's about proving you aren't wrong
no decision you make is the wrong one
although it may not have had the best outcome
you did what you thought was best and that's not wrong
atleast you tried and that's RIGHT
I gave you everything
I gave you my all
And all you ever wanted to do
Was watch me fall
You were my one and only
Or so you had me believe
I tried to be perfect for you
But once you had me, you were through

You said I was your angel
And that you loved me most
You held me close when I was scared
You had me thinking you really cared

But once I found out who you were
And what you were like
You hurried to get what you wanted
And left me in the night

Often I still think of you
And how I could've gone wrong
But then I realised it wasn't me
It was you all along
I hate looking myself in the mirror,
I hate knowing I have fear.
I hate seeing what isn't there,
I hate feeling that I am scared.
I hate believing what isn't true
And all i ever wanted was you.
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Payton McBride said...7/17/10
very true
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