"Take Aah Picture. It'll Last Longer?"

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Photo Album./Abuse.297 weeks ago
If You Would Like 2 Be In One Of The Photo Albums Then Please Leave The URL 2 Your Picture. - No URL, No Pic. Share Love & Ensure That You Are a Member.


Dont Leave Nasty Comments !
Any Innappropriate Comments Will Be Deleted And You Will Be Reported To Bebo Staff Without Notification.
 posted by SNAP SNAP 


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Little Miss Naughty. said...11/11/07
Tu Be In An Album, Leave The URL To Yuur Desired Picture Here.

Dont Ask Me Tu Pick Wun, Chances Are I Wont Bother.

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Shawdee.Got.Looks. said...11/11/07

I Think I Shuld Be On Here, Because Im SimpleeMe =)


ii Love You.
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Little Miss Naughty. said...11/11/07
Oh And Dont Forget Tu Write Which Album Yuu'd Like Tu Be Put In!

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In Yuur Dreams. said...11/13/07
me for the "hottest pose" album?

i think you shoud pick me because im your bestie lol.
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Mia' said...11/15/07
uhmmm cause i think i am unique.
thats about it really. lol.
can take pictureee with signs if needed (:
i will send the love when i have it
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Daniel. said...11/15/07
Hey can i be in the best pout album?_____ox

Its the 3rd picture in "all me" album.:D x//.

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- M I SH said...11/17/07
Awww Put My Pxts Up Kuzz!!
Im Me!! :D No One Has The Looks That I ve!:)
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Unordinary Bubble said...11/17/07
i think i should be in here cuz im totally unique
love myself so much :L
and love bebo 2 much :P
id love too be in this band
ba amongst the hotteys of bebo =]
LY __<3
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Marié said...11/17/07
just look at me nd my sexy best friend!
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Misz.Jessie. Buhmz said...11/17/07
KanYuuPutThisPikchaaUpp Purdee Plesh?
All Those Other Couples Arent Azz Hot Azz Meh Lmao Nahr Jokes!
&& Kawz Yuu Think Im Hawt.

ii LoveYuu Babiie Boo..


If Yuu Kant Get In Then Go In Jessikas Album

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Marié said...11/18/07
This is my cute boyfriend have been together for 6 months :P
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Nura Amor said...11/18/07
can u upload this to the brunettes album plz?
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Nura Amor said...11/18/07
and this amazing picture to the hottest best friends

thank youuu really, id be flattered to be in xxx

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XoHol-Dust-Chellsox said...11/26/07
i think my pics should be posted coz im a sexy mama who loves to have fun but still put my b/f n my gorgeous bubba boy who is 10months old first. love ur page n love bebo woop woop.
the pics i choose are.
1. is the "ready for work pic"in randoms album to go into "hottest best friends
2. is the last pic in the new pics album to go into hottest pose
3. is the first pic in "my album"to go into hottest couples
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Jen said...12/2/07
well u dont get much better than this hunny well should i say us lol
i think u should pick which pics the best and where it goes
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Georgie said...12/23/07
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Gabbo said...1/5/08

Can I Be In Best Pout Album Cuse I Love To Pout
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CHaneyshammin It said...1/13/08

best pout>?
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Ash-Bash said...1/24/08
hey ..
some of these chkx are so pretty and they have gud make up and great hair ..
im not gawjus and i dont hav much money to spend on my looks bt i flaunt wat ive got ..

plz pt me in da best black and white thankx rite me a comment if yooh du ..xx

thankx 4 readin
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Modern Housewife. said...1/30/08
I would love a piccy up because i've got a few pictures up on previous style, scene, emo, and stunner groups/bands.
I would appreciate it so much =)
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