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Sup386 weeks ago
Yo, thougth id check this out. Sooo. Im sat here doing pretty much nothing, talking to homies on MSN. Pretty peeved off cos we dont know what we won from the battle of the bands, cos they said it would be announced in assembly, but it just didnt happen. They never forget to announce the latest school footy scores tho. O well, be r8. Im now going to play bass, listen to the darkness and possibly eat pancakes cos my mom forgot about makin em on pancake day! lol cya xx
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LozMega said...3/2/06
you did win. they put up a notice in the music room down south
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Whiteboard Art Gallery said...3/22/06
Well Hooray for that. Damn footy...football...soccer....or whatever the hell they call it. When are ppl going to get a clue even that sports ought to take a backseat to the arts. i just don't get it myself. Sports, schports. Screw em all!

Music is def where it's at cuz music rocks! :D
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