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A Little Info On Myself :)298 weeks ago

1. What?s your name? Jack Malone
2. When?s your birthday? Hmm do you wanna really know?
3. Man or Woman? Man
4. Where were you born? America
5. What Nationality are you? American
6. Live With your family? No
7. What?s your star sign?
8. Who are you friends with? People I work with
9. Do you have any nicknames? No
10. What do you do for a living? FBI special Agent

..:: Favourite things : Work,Talking to Sam
11. Favourite Ice-cream flavour? Marble
12. Favourite Food? Takeaway,Chineese
13. What?s your favourite drink? Coke
14. Favourite Girls name?
15. Favourite Boys name? Jack :L
16. Favourite number? 19
17. Favourite Color? Blue
18. Favourite Movie? Mystery
19. Favourite Friend? Samantha
20. Favourite thing about yourself? Dont really know

..:: Appearance ::..
21. What is your hair color and what style? Black and Short
22. What is your eye color? Brown
23. Do you wear glasses? Yes for reading
24. Large, Medium or Skinny body? Medium
25. How tall are you? 5"10
26. Braces or no braces? No braces
27. Have any piercings? Nope
28. Have any tattoo?s? Nope
29. What?s your skin color? a little tanned
30. Right or Left handed? right

..:: Family ::..
31. Are you married? No
32. Do you have children? Yeah, 2 daughters
33. Do you have brothers and sisters? no
34. Are you single? Yeah
35. Do you live in your mom?s basement? No
36. Do you have any pets? No
37. Where do you currently live? In a house
38. Are you engaged or dating someone currently? No
39. Do you share a house with friends? No
40. How many people are in your direct family? 2 minus me with me 3

..:: Friends and Work ::..
41. Gotta best friend, if so, who? Samantha
42. Are you popular or a loner? Dunno
43. Do you enjoy your job? Yes of course
44. Where is your workplace located? New York
45. Are you the boss of your workplace? Yes
46. Are your friends more girls or boys? Mixed
47. Are most of your friends around your age? Not all
48. What do you like in a friend? confidence, trust, not to be a liar, fun personality
49. What do you like in a career? Helping people
50. Do you plan on changing jobs anytime soon? No, never

..:: Currently ::..
51. Feeling ...? Tired
52. Eating ?? nothing
53. Drinking ?? water
54. Listening to ?? nothing
55. Talking to ?? No-one
56. Working, yes or no ?? on my way there
57. Chatting on MSN ?? No
58. Crushing on someone ?? Yes
59. Holding a grudge ?? Yes
60. Hating someone ?? Yes

..:: Future ::..
61. Want any children? yes
62. Want a divorce? No
63. Want a new car? Maybe
64. Want a new house? Yeah
65. Any lifetime goals to achieve? To many
66. Want to get married, if not so already? Yes i do
67. Want to change something about yourself? No
68. Want to splash your cash on? Nothing really
69. Want to retire at an early age? No
70. Want to continue pretty much as you are now? Yes

...: o you believe in ? ::..
71. God? Yeah
72. Any religion, if so,what? Catholic
73. Angels? Yeah
74. Miracles? Yeah
75. Heaven and Hell? Yeah
76. Sex before Marriage? Yeah
77. Yourself? Sometimes
78. Dreams? Sometimes
79. Soul mates? Yeah, not sure if I have one though
80. Ghosts and Spirits? Yeah

.:: Have you ever ..?: ::..
81. Given someone a lap dance? Nope
82. Received a lap dance? On the job! never by choice
83. Received or inherited a lot of money? Nope
84. Seen someone die? Obviously I have
85. Got pissed out of your brains with a mate? Yeah
86. Been arrested? No
87. Skipped work and pretended to be sick? No
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