R.I.P Huggies aka David Hogan <BEBO_4961751044>

"xXx♥We love you♥ forever and alwaysxXx ♥Mad Yoke Huggies♥"

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?Never Let Go?289 weeks ago
?Dear David?,
How can it be.....
That a body with a soul of joy and lafter be taken so sudden?

No body knows only the lord has called on our best friend our brothers life.
so short he lived, but why?
if only we could read each others minds,few can be complicated and lonely.

We miss his lafter in those kind humerous eyes and those silly jokes that youd end up crying to and just to have one more listen.

Life is never the same when a treasure is taken,lost or stolen from us.
Why dows his image begin to fade?
Maby it's time to say good bye but never forgotten,even those memorys.

Dearest Huggiez we miss you,your a ledgend that won't be forgotten well meet again in the Silent land eventulyxXx
 posted by R.I.P Huggies aka David Hogan 

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