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BBC Radio 2 Premier of "Fugitive"209 weeks ago
Tune into BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday, July 21 to hear "Fugitive" played for the first time ever in the UK. This is the lead single from David's September 2009 release, Draw The Line, and is his first studio album since releasing his chart-topping Life In Slow Motion back in 2005.

"Fugitive" is built around a nape-prickling piano and electric guitar, and a soaring contribution from a gospel choir, David claims "I've been a fugitive from life, I've been hiding in my bubble. And I had this image of Saddam Hussein being pulled out a hole in the ground. That's where the "mud streaked fugitive" line came from. It's about hiding from life, from yourself."

Music is the soundtrack to our lives so make Tuesday, July 21 a monumental one in yours by tuning into BBC Radio 2 at approximately 11 am. Stay tuned for Draw The Line presale details coming soon.

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