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boredom.187 weeks ago
hello. i am bored shitless. so i am writing about it:D
it's almost christmas... i hate it. last christmas my mum ran my kitten over 2 days before it because it was under the car and she reversed out and it didn't move. he got put down on christmas day. so i hate christmas. i'm the motherfucking grinch. i will steal christmas from the world by runing over everyones cats so they all hate it too and don't want to celebrate it. (: have you ever just taken the time out to watch your hands? it's like.. they are a seperate part of your body.. like they have their own minds.. they are like little mini sidekicks.. that are attached to you. i'm so monstrously bored right now that it's not even funny. i have a million different things on my mind and when i try to think about but one of them, my mind changes and i lose track of what i was thinking about or what i was trying to think about because it's gone and i'm thinking about an entirely different thing. death. that's one of the few things i'm scared of. that and small spiders. death is one of the most scariest things in the whole world because you never know when it's going to happen. be it to you, or to someone you care about. losing your own life isn't as bad as losing someone you care about because losing your own life means that you can't mourn. but losing someone you care about is the worst feeling in the world. though.. when you lose your own life, you may not mourn but others will. unless they hate you. lol. small spiders make me cry. big ones aren't so bad because, for example, if you had a tarantula on your wall and a small one on your wall, you could turn away for five seconds and turn back and the small one could have disappeared. but the tarantula.. if it had moved at all, you could spot it immediately. that's why i like big ones. and that's why small ones make me cry. i had a dream last night. that my mother said i was a pathetic excuse for a daughter. i turned to her and asked why that was, and she said, while almost crying, that it was because she tried her hardest and always tried her hardest to do her best for me but i throw it back in her face. by the time she finished saying that, she was crying and so was i. i walked out of the room crying and all i seen was a real bright white light then i woke up. i woke up crying. it was like a realisation for me that i need to try harder as a daughter... LOL. my cellphone just made a funny noise. it was like... beepbeepbeep BEEEEEEEEEP beep.. sorta. freaked me out abit.. now i don't want to touch it. what if like, all the cellphones in the world were mini transformer things and when they made the beepbeepbeep BEEEEEEEEEP beep noise that was when they were going to transform into mini evil robot things and attack you by jumping up and latching onto your face then sucking the life out of you, diving down your throat, somehow ending up in your brain and controlling you from there.. it's a scary thought to be completely honest. i think i want a new phone. i live in a caravan. it's my own little trailer park..... at my momma's house. "i'm livin' in a trailer park at ma momma's house y'all" sounds pretty.... LOL to me. brooke's gay. i coloured my orange lighter in with blue vivid. i didn't like it so i scratched it off. then, yesterday, like today, i was bored. so i coloured it in with black vivid.. now i don't like it again. i am wearing a cowboy hat. it is my mums cowboy hat. but not for long. because i plan to steal it. i hate pink cellphones. i miss Stacie Mansfield so much. she's my bestest buddy(: we love the m a r i j u a n a. it's good for our health. over and out.
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Kayla Bayla said...1/4/10
This is one of the reasons I fucken love you. (:
You fucken buzzy bitch :D

Love you m'dear (:

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Aqua said...1/10/10
ahahahahaha i fuckin love you cheech!! ^^
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