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Stuff 192 weeks ago
* Love is a powerfull thing it can lift you away from everything but be aware it can drop you at any time

* Tomorow might never come so live everyday like its the last, dont hate just love.

* In life everthing comes in pairs, so take nothing for granted for every good there comes a bad for every life there comes a death.
8) By Lauren Hall.

*In life everyone makes mistakes some big some small, no one is perfect, so dont regret things in the past just look foward to the future and have fun while doing so!

* You'll find people in life who don't like you maybe even hate you but they're not important the only people that are importanat are the ones you cant live without, trust and like for who they are.

* Love is one of the best things in life but it isnt everything so dont always think it is. Love will come and go intill you find that special someone for you!
8) By Emma Davis x


* Giving up doesnt always mean your weak. Sometimes it means your strong enough to let go.
 posted by Emma. 

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