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Oxegen 08 Quotes262 weeks ago
oxegen 08 was truly great!.. so, here's some of the quotes that were funny, bad, or just stood out! enjoy!

let's start with group quotes..
"Fuck China!! FREE TIBET!"
"is there anything to be said about saying another mass?"
"Ol�! Ol�! Ol�! Ol�! Oool�! OVARIES!"
"alright babes?"
"babyshakes... you just dont know(know) how i(i), how i like it down low(low)."
"would anyone like their ovaries cleaned out?"
"i'd tap that"
"karl always comes back"
"hi kev"
"they call this the clean tent"
"don't be a pigeon"
"have the craic!"
"you are minus craic"
"check out the chinese guy"
"fair play to you"
"go on jim"

now, for individual quotes...

breda: "how do you like those pommes?"

sarah: "your mam's a tampon"

lewis: "who needs sex when you have your hand?"
barry carolan: "who needs your hand when you have your cat?"

breda: "sarah just shifted me"

barry carolan: "this tent smells like big foot's dick"

claire and paula: "tent schment"

breda: "sarah, did you just fart on me?"

patrick: "if you wear two hats you go back in time!"

paula: "that wine literally tasted like what i imagine urine would"

sarah: "breda, you look like buzz lightyear"

paula: "breda is now a pile of ashes"

patrick: "mckenna, you must have caught a paula!"

sarah (attempting to sing last nite by the strokes): "last night.. that's all i know"

breda and sarah: "it's the power rangers"

paula: "did you see the size of the green one's bulge?"

sarah: "you may call me carrot top"
paula: "why?"
sarah: "cause i eat carrots!"

paula and breda: "you two have THE weakest bladders"

paula: "mickey, you look constantly embarrassed"

mickey: "i got kicked in the head twice at prodigy trying to save your glasses!"

claire: "we used to play this game called slap the chicken!"

paula: "ever since you put my clock in your mouth it doesn't work"

breda:"lube it up!"

sarah: "no, no, no, leave it in!"

paula: "sarah, you look like a fortune teller!"

claire: "i hope a toilet falls on her!"

sarah: "STA-CEY!"

breda: "best riot ever"

sarah: "i'm biting on my dong"

paula: "same sex marriages are so hot right now"

breda: "sheehy, it's like we just shifted"

paula and claire: "get a new bassline!"

random guy: "nice boobs"
paula: "thanks, they're not real!"

paula and claire: mickey, you need to grow a back bone!"
patrick: "if you grow one, i'll just break it!"

paula: "i'm gonna exfoliate the fuck outta myself"

karl: "i'm getting thrown out now!"

sarah: "if he's not gonna wake up, i may as well throw mousse at him"

breda: "lift him by the head"

sarah: "kate nash was fairly riding that keyboard!"

barry carolan: "two in the pink, one in the stink"

claire: "i was actually holding her up... love!"

lewis: "you have THE cheesiest grin ever.. fair play!"

sarah, breda and patrick: "unce unce unce.. Rice... in da gaf!"

sarah: "two euro? anybody? she's two euro! last day! she's cheaper than a breakfast roll!! two euro!"

breda or patrick: "needa breda"

sarah: "breda has no legs!"

jon: "hey staunton, i brought back a french bitch for you!"

barry carolan: "show us your fanny"

karl: "staunton, call the guards, i'm gonna die tonight!"

claire: "i bet shes a D4.. wait.. no, i bet shes from north dublin and she just thinks shes a D4!"

paula: "i'll put my nuts in your mouth!"

sarah: "i'm away to piss the shit outta myself... i keep saying that even though it's disgusting!"

barry carolan: "give me a smell of your niblets"
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