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Michael Jackson sightings in Kildare228 weeks ago
Stephen i was talking 2 michael jackson yesterday in newbridge. He was crying i asked him what was wrong with him he said "shes out of my life" i said who? he said dirty dianea! He he :-D from jacinta.

I think i saw michael assing around a takeaway in Newbridge last night

Yeah and I suppose lord lucan is working in tesco from mick. In naven.

Hey Stephen, I say Michael Jackson sitting on a wall in Kilcullen last night, eating a bag of chips? I told him to get ?Off The Wall?

Ref wacko jacko ! No joke i got information that he is opening a wax museam in kildare ,he was nosen around naas yesterday ,joker

Stephen I saw MJ riding a horse on the Curragh yesterday

I saw micheal jackson at newbridpe grave yard it was such a thriller

He?s been spotted at Clane Hospital Stephen

I 2 saw Michael on Shergar, Elvis was shouting Beat it !

Jackson is staying in the Keadeen hotel in newbridge all his security are their plain to see we had a meal their last night

I seen michael jackson in macdonalds in newbridge last Nite. Kevin

yeah jackson is in newbridge now hes looking for a job.. babysitting..

Yup Michael J just landed in Athy ! He asked where r the public toilets ? Told him due 2 credit crunch no plans 4 any ! LOL

I seen jacko coming out of tinas pet shop yesterday in nass from butty

Steve is michael jackson sellin that nose of his

Wacko jacko ,is defo staying in moon i seen him walking around moon yesterday ,and hotel staff heard him blowing bubble s in the bath after the walk ,

Michael Jackson brought Rafa Benitez to Newbridge Silverware to show him the only silverware he will see this year. Sean.MAN UTD

Michael jackson is in kildare town in the second hand shop looking for his other glove-michael,kildare
 posted by Stephen Keogh 

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