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quiz289 weeks ago
ok people.
this is something that we need help with.
we need people to email us ideas for questions and an idea for a format for the quizes like should we do a quiz per book or put three into one like for the darren shan saga and how long it should be.
we would just do it commenting on pages, but we would prefer to keep it as private as possible so that everyone doesnt know the questions before they do the quiz.
so please try to come up with questions to send to us and when we finally make the quizes, look out and see if your one is there. it might be worded differently or something but it might still be there.
we are trying to make the best ones we possibly can so that is why we are asking for help.

dont forget. dont send them as comments or anything like that, mail them to one of the moderators or if we arent your friends, let us know and we'll get them off of you somehow.

thats all about the quizes for now so bu-bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey!!! quiz suggestions cn b posted 2 or
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