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MEMORiiE BLOG PEOPLE <3336 weeks ago

DOO iiT! :D
 posted by Babes.Ox 


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Debbie Hall said...3/1/07
heya chick my memorie wud have till b wen u came dwn till portaferry nd all we did for a whole week was play monopaly nd eat tae and toast llf cuz we didnt wanna go into twn cuz..... well u no da rest lol!!xoxoxoxox
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Debbie Hall said...3/1/07
oh and anoter one lyk wen u wer messing arund wit leaines flipp brush fing while sitting at the shore and it wen flying into the water llf nd u went dwn to get it nd fell in nd i had to get ya but i was going to fall in 2 cuz leaine wudnt help me!! so i kinda just let go nd let ya wait there 4 a wile hehehe im EVIL!! heheh ojoj luv ya lots xoxoxoxo
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Babes.Ox said...3/10/07
yea i member dat lolz it was gd crack i was fckin soakin lolz nd da tym i didnt feel well nd gerard gave me a tin of beer thinkin it wud make me feel betta lolz shows hw much he knows!!!!!!llf
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Maighread said...3/13/07
omg omg sarah... member friday da 9th... :L :L

pure geg... ya droped dat bottle out side a snoocer :L :L

when ya da was dere... :L :L pure geg... loved it...

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MIchael O Neill said...3/19/07
member the day u fell over the wall on ur roller blades that was bigger than u dick head
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Babes.Ox said...6/2/07
i cn member da tym i gt caught drinkin......>:( >:( >:( sniff sniff
lol wel i mis every 1 nd i shud c yas al soon lolz hehe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Babes.Ox said...7/19/07
member da tym in cushendall sittin wif dan nd mairead spily coke al ova her trousers llf llf llf.......
that was a gd day hehe
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Babes.Ox said...7/28/07
member da day wen margaret bought bisuits nd actually shared them lyk wdf??????

lol luvs ya chic!!!!!!!!!
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Paulsy said...7/28/07
memba da tym u broke da bin in da stupid snooker club den da car ran over it :L :L :L :L :L nd da tym in da barley wen i kept collapsing nd all dat was really funni :L

i cnt fink of any more
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Babes.Ox said...9/15/07
member da tym wen i was bbysittin wif danielle nd we had such crck!!!!!!
nd i fell in luv wit a lil dog hehe!!!!!!
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Ryan Rooney said...11/15/07
wen we did da wedgie board(i cnt spell) and i had u blevin dat da wee dude was gna kill u and u wer shitin urslf holdin me and all llf o yis!!!
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Babes.Ox said...11/15/07
at was nt funi it was actually quite frightening!!!!!:( :( :(
it was gd crck buh in da abandoned huz lol gd tyms buh ur wee man was scary as hell!!!!!!!!!!
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L'C said...11/15/07
member da tym me n u were pure bappin it outta us walkin in2 st james meadow 2 baby sit n we were dancin 2 shake dat ass 4 me awwwww gd tyms lol :D :D
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Ryan Rooney said...11/24/07
wen me and jj walked u home and cud i get u 2 shutup and go home, no!!!!!! llf ere weve been thru alot llf!!! bmbxxxxxxxxxx
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Babes.Ox said...11/24/07
ere that waz fun that was wen we agreed we luvved too hatee each otha lolz. . .

yea we do hav a lot of craic lyk lol buh shurre thats jus us!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rebekah said...11/24/07
Thaa Tymss Wenn We Walk Hme And Dwn Tha Main Street N Jzztt Goo Hyperrr !! :L
And Ourr Wee Chats Sittin On Thaa Wee Fencee....
Andd All Thaa Tymss Wen Im In Yer Huse N Have A Wee Geg!
I Cnt evenn Hinkk Rytteee ni!!!
Ooohhh Thaa Tyms U MAke Me Goo Out In Tha Rain Andd We Gett Puree
Drenched N U Jzt Jump In Thaa Puddles N Goo Nutss....
Andd Ourr Wee Book We Used Tu Write Til EachOverrr.....
And Tha Wee Lads Wee Usedaa Fancyy Lik Ehhh ! ....
Wellss Il Writee Moreee Wen I Member Moree Stuffs :D
iLY <333* xOooo...
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L'C said...11/27/07
meber da tym we were goin 2 da mini queen n we were wlkin dwn 2 mine n we had 2 go bk up 2 ur hus 2 get a dress frm ur laura n we w8d 4 bout a hour n se didnt cum hme n den we had 2 wlak dwn da street n got a taxi 2 mi hus n den had 2 walk up 2 da football club in shorts lol :L :L :L dat was soo much walkin dat day sdf :L :L :L

luv yah xx
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Bronagh.C said...1/31/08
Me n u had da water fite yano da day n ur soaked me all ovr ya wee bitch haha dat was a geg. en we got locked outa r english class haha :D :D :D

Luv yahh x.x.x
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Nicchick. said...3/3/08
Remember the time when me , you , Becka + Orlaith got stranded at Lisburn? Haha. + When we were finally on our way home , we ended up gettin stuck on some hill + we had to go + stay in Orlaith's daddie's. We were pure stinker's with no tooth brushes or anything :L :L
iLYSM Baby <333*

P.s. I miss our wee chat's :(
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Kirsty said...10/7/08
wen me n u wer kids big sis :D
out mi bk on da trampiline haha
luv u ldz sis :D
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