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News In General:275 weeks ago
1) Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander will be returning as the vampire slaying "Frog Brothers," Edgar and Alan. (yessssssss) but...

"While both of the Frog Brothers are returning, only Corey Feldman appears to have a significant role in the new film. Says Feldman: "Warner Bros. has further developed the script ? they brought on a great writer (Hans Rodionoff), who came up with a great story line. And in that script they have included (me), Corey Haim and Jamison Newlander as featured parts in the film. In the script, as it is today, I am one of the leads. My involvement is very close to what my involvement was in the first one. So I'm pretty much scattered throughout. (Edgar) was always an outcast, but here his close-knit family have drifted apart. They've had a major problem, and because of that problem, Edgar today is working alone. The film is about him trying to still carry the torch as it were, without the aid and assistance of his partners. That leaves him in an even lonelier and even more delicate place than he was in the first film being the outsider that he already was"

2) Jason Patric aint coming back according to feldman...:(

3. In an interview with Fangoria, Tom Savini said the following in regards to his role in the film: "I'm one of the first vampires you see in the movie, I'm a surfer who runs into the vampires at the beginning of the film, in a sequence that is shot very Sergio Leone-style. They're shooting THE TRIBE in Vancouver right now, and I'll be there September 11." [15]

4.Wildstorm Comics has announced a prequel to the movie, focusing on Edgar and Alan Frog, entitled The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs. It is a 4-issue miniseries scheduled to begin shipping in May 2008
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