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realisation, representation, inspiration.

the moderator, of course reserves the right to be selective about the photos accepted on fabeauty, and to update your photos, or take down photos as i choose.

there are three albums:
- beautiful
- fabulous
- fabeauty.

you of course will place yourself in the specific category but only one please. but the moderators of course have a say in which album your photo will be placed. fabeauty is about you.

here?s a few things to think about before applying:
? make sure I can find your pictures, preferably give us a link to the particular photo you want to be placed on the site.
? this isn?t a beauty competition site, it?s purely for fun & your enjoyment. so don?t just join & forget about it, take part in fabeauty!
? being friendly and funny is a big plus in my books.
? if you apply, it?s compulsory that you join fabeauty as well, if you don?t ? it just shows how little you actually care.
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Gem said...4/22/08
this site is pretty lush
i like its individuality (:
- xo
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Jadey Shields said...7/30/08
best site shows its not al about being beatuiful the fun and indiviual side of it showss :D :D
i wud like to aply as moderator xxx
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