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Most haunted - fake or real?307 weeks ago
As much as I'd like to beleive the show is real, there are serious doubts as to whether most haunted, the tv show where camera crew and phycics visit haunted locations in britain, is a fake or not.

Some evidence of it being a complete scam that i've found:

1) I watched a clip on youtube of them doing a "live" show for halloween. They went to a farm house and put their hands on a table which started to move. But I looked closely and actually worked out that Yvette was applying pressure to the table because the table cloth was being moved up a bit when her fingers tensed a little. This means everyone could have been in on trying to rock the table.

2) The Real Hustle did a section of their TV show about Medium scams, and they had a plan to see whether Derick o'coura was a fake or not. Derick was doing a live mediumshow, but derick didn't know that someone from the real hustle was going to claim that they knew the person Derick was discribing who was in the room trying to connect with someone. If Derick confirmed that it was the man's grandfather, of course Derick had made it all up because the man just said yes to all the facts Derick said. Sadly, Derick said "yes it is your grandfather, he says I'm proud of you son, I'm proud of you," and therefore we know everything Derick said was just a scam for some extra dosh.

But what do you think?

Maybe some things could be true, but for the live shows maybe not. I mean how ironic that something happens on halloween? And they know they couldn't just leave people hanging and wait, cos nothing could happen and they'd probably get sued.

Persoanlly I think there is proper proof out there, and most haunted abuses this. I think it's fake.

What about you?
Is this fake or are there excuses for this?
Or was my evidence a fake? :/

Do comment x

<3 Jess
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